GLO025 11mil Nitrile Unlined w/Raised Grip 50-N110G



Unsupported Nitrile, Unlined with Raised Diamond Grip – 11 Mil

  • Quantities available by the pair, by the dozen and by the case (12 Dozen/Case)
  • Sizes Available: S – XXL
  • Model#: 50-N110G

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Unsupported Nitrile, Unlined with Raised Diamond Grip – 11 Mil

Product Description

Used in light chemical applications, printing, meat and poultry processing.

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  • Light weight construction and hand specific design provide real comfort with protection
  • Provides flexibility, tactile sensitivity and dexterity sometimes lacking in heavier gauge unsupported nitriles
  • Provides the protection from chemical and physical hazards not always found in thinner gauge nitrile disposables
  • Unlined to reduce potential of product contamination
  • Straight cuff adds additional length to protect the forearm from liquid run-off
  • Raised Diamond pattern for an enhanced grip
  • Chlorinated to harden and cleanse the surface of the glove
  • Complies with FDA food handling requirements 21 CFR, Part 177
  • Silicone Free



A: Methanol
B: Acetone
K: Sodium Hydroxide 40%

To attain the EN 374 pictogram shield gloves must pass at least a Level 2 in three chemicals. The chemicals listed are the chemicals that passed for this glove. Learn more about chemical permeation below.


EN 388 2016 Results:
Abrasion: 3
Cut (Coupe Test): X
Tear: 0
Puncture: 1
Cut (TDM-100 Test):
Impact Protection: X

EN 388 is a European Standard. Cut Level is determined by the number of cycles it takes a spinning circular blade, that is pulled across the material under a constant weight of 500 grams, to cut the fabric. As the number of cycles increase, so does the glove’s ratings. Click here for more information about the EN 388 2016 standard.

Chemical Permeation

The chemical permeation of our product is measured in accordance to European Standard EN 374-3. This measures the resistance of protective gloves against chemicals and microorganisms. Part 3 of the standard determines the level of resistance to permeation by chemicals.

Breakthrough Time (BTT)

The number of minutes from initial contact with a test chemical until it is first detected on the inside of the glove.

Breakthrough Time – Protection Index

Each chemical tested is classified in terms of breakthrough time (performance level 0 to 6).

CAUTION: This information is provided as an aid in determining the general suitability of various products for use with specific chemicals. These recommendations are advisory only and the SUITABILITY OF THE PRODUCT FOR A SPECIFIC APPLICATION OR ENVIRONMENT MUST BE DETERMINED BY THE PURCHASER OR USER OF THE PRODUCT. This information should be used as a guide only.

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